Who we are

la belle et les beaux is made up of nicole billi, michael koritschan and adrian reber. the three young switzerland based artists and/or designers have been pursuing fashion in their own individual manners for years. as the independent arts collective la belle et les beaux – founded at the beginning of the year 2011 – they have set forth to improve the public's grasp of fashion in a wider sense of the word through various events. at the same time they offer a platform for contemporary art and high fashion to be presented in an appropriate manner and/or be displayed in a new way.


(Non) Profit

la belle et les beaux aren't expanding their warderobes or buying candy from the profits made with this webshop. The proceeds are being used to cover expenses from past events and for development of future activities. In other words, the money goes into what la belle et les beaux is all about: supporting  artists and/or designers.


Get in touch

Call us: +41 76 411 18 56
E-Mail: mail@labelleetlesbeaux.com